Minefield is a uneak and chalanging arcade stile game! Run around on a grid collecting items, avoiding the monsters that want to stomp you, mines that could very well blow you sky high, and much more!

It's not all hopeless though. The items you get can have a number of effects including extra speed, traps that can kill monsters if they get close enough, even items to freeze the monsters for a short time to give you time to put some distance between yourself and them. But, the items can also be a curse. They can spawn extra monsters and mines for you to deal with, increase the monsters speed, and more! Be careful!

The story

It was just a normal day. Sun shining, birds tweeting, all that. You decide to step out into your garden for some fresh air, because why not.

To your confusion, you find a strange metal box sitting in the middle of your laun. It seems to be glowing in a very weird way.

You remember something your friend told you a long time ago, about a lab that specializes in out of this world things. You decide to take it there and see what they make of it.

As it turns out, the hole thing was just a trap to get you to the lab. You are locked in side this building with no way to get out. You're in a small room with no furniture or anything, accept one thing. A large door labled top secret experiments. Do not enter unless you wish to suffer a slow and painfull death.

For 2 days you simply sit there and think. You are braught food and water by the guards, but you want to know what might be behind that door. You also have a bad feeling about it though, what if it's another trap?

Aventually, you decide there's simply no other option. You open the door, and...

That's where you come in!


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